So lets face it, at some stage or another in your non creative life, have probably thought about becoming a designer, or deep down beleive you had some artisitc flair waiting to burst out. Only problem is, you dont know how to exploit it.

Problem solved

Well look no further, I have a simple solution. I offer one-on-one graphic design tuition. And I'm not a jargon monster who loves the sound of his own voice, I do it in simple laymans language that even I can understand. We will cover all the basics that will give you a platform to go and explore the innermost casms of your own mind (I will not use such language when teaching you...I promise).

My Mission

To give you the basic tools to get you creating.

Here's a list of software packages I can teach you.

Your Mission

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is simple, be able to embrace the designers ABC mantra....Always Be Creating.

Its simple, just drop me an e-mail with basic details of what you wish to gain from tuition or anything else you may think relevant and we can take it from there.

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