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Art is anything you can get away with - Andy Warhol

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Greg Dillon
Graphic Designer

From an early age I always had a pencil in my hand, scribbling and doodling. Now it's all computers and the whispers of a new version of any design package brings out the inner nerd in me, I FRICKIN' LOVE DESIGNING NEW STUFF!!!

Greg Dillon
Web Designer

It started off as a labour of love but before I knew it my first ever website was shortlisted for an industry award, I haven't looked back since building sites and online solutions for everything from local businesses up to FMCG and blue chip companies.

Greg Dillon

So you got yourself a great looking website, not much good if no one can see it! With 7 years digital marketing and SEO experience, I can help bring traffic to your website.

Greg Dillon
Husband and Embarrasing Dad

Husband to my georgous wife Rian. Embarrasing dad to my awesome kids Megan & Andrew. I hope they are reading this...he he he

Greg Dillon
Sport Mentalist

If it's a race to the top of the road, a staring competition or even an eat off, I want part of the action and come hell or high water I WILL WIN!!!

Greg Dillon

A recent discovery - Philanthropy isn't just for the rich or eccentric, GIVE BLOOD, it costs nothing and you will feel great about yourself!

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