The official Dublin GAA county-board website

About the project

As a loyal Dubs fan, I felt the current web site was outdated and not a true reflection of the Dublin "Brand". I approached the county board and offered to give it a much needed revamp, make it SEO friendly and generate revenue through online advertisements. The site had originally been designed to show upcoming club fixtures, results and tables. But potentially it could do so much more.

Again I knew from the off simplicity was the key. I needed to freshen the UI up. Get rid of the clutter and rearrange the layout so I could maximize the user experience.

At the time of undertaking the project the Dubs were not winning All-Ireland's and riding the media wave they are today. I had to try and direct more traffic through SEO. I tore the site apart and implemented every "Google" trick in the book. From a mere 8,000 visits a week, I upped it to an average 75,000 visits a week off season to 450,000 peak season.

And through all this new traffic, the next step was to capitilize on it through online advertising. 5 figure advertising deals were secured with many major businesses with ease as now the exposure was there to back it up.


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