Black Knight Suite Hire

Suppliers of formal wear for men for over 20 years.

About the project

The brief was simple. Give us a website that wont scare away the customers and a social media presence where we can let people know about products and offers. So that's exactly what i did. I set about creating a...

I knew from the off simplicity was the key. Black Knight are the type of business who have built up a loyal customer base over 20 years and have a great reputation in the Dun Laoighaire/Rathdown area of Dublin for being friendly, approachable and will do everything possible to help you get what you need. They didnt want a site that was too busy, too over exaggerated. Simplicity is the key.

Like most things these days, social media will somehow be involved. And at Black Knight, they wanted a piece of the pie. And rightly so. Now they have a quick, easy and efficiant means to keep you up to date with offers, trends. So go ahead and "like" the facebook page ...   or join the Twitter account...
Remember you got to look good at those industry award ceremonies.